Three ways mindfulness can help your wellbeing

1. To cool down under pressure

This is an instant effect, and very useful in moments of anxiety or frustration. Slowing your breathing and noticing what you feel right now speaks to your nervous system, and switches it from ‘fight or flight’ mode, to a more relaxed state.

2. To train your brain to focus on NOW
This is a long term effect. When we train our brains to not worry about the past or future this helps with attention and focus, it also helps us learn to not react without thinking. It calms the often negative chatter in our minds, helps us make wise choices and build resilience.

3. To connect with each other and with life more fully.

To understand, express and accept feelings, in ourselves and others. To connect with others compassionately and learn self compassion. To be in the moment, and encourage a sense of wonder and curiosity, and appreciate the little things (which adds up to a happier life).

Mindfulness for Families

Mindfulness is definitely not just sitting still - even the busiest bodies can find their calm. Learn mindfulness with your children in this fun, easy course.

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