Mindfulness for Families by Jen Sievers

Mindfulness for Families

Mindfulness is definitely not just sitting still - even the busiest bodies can find their calm. Learn mindfulness with your children in this fun, easy course.

Here's a quick preview of one of the techniques you'll learn.

What's included?

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1 min
What does this course offer?
Three ways mindfulness can help your wellbeing
Understanding Mindfulness
What is mindfulness - for adults
2 mins
What is Mindfulness - for kids
2 mins
How Does it Work?
A Map of Our Brains
2 mins
The Super Smart Science of Neuroplasticity
Mindfulness and connection/belonging
The Pause
2 mins
Learning Mindfulness
Tips for Getting Started (for adults)
1 min
Your Mindfulness Plan
Family Mindfulness Plan (download)
105 KB
Mindful Parenting
Your thoughts and feelings are like clouds
2 mins
How to meditate
Basic Breath Meditation (guided meditation)
5 mins
Mindful Activities
Mindful Activities
Mindful Activities: to cool down under pressure
To cool down under pressure
Fly like a bird (demonstration)
1 min
Fly Like a Bird (guided meditation)
2 mins
High Five Breathing
2 mins
Calming Breath (Parasympathetic Breathing)
5 mins
Lion Breathing
1.05 MB
Mindful Activities: to calm and train your brain with attention and focus
To calm and train your brain with attention and focus
Buddy Breathing
2 mins
Rainbow Breathing
899 KB
Tense and Relax
862 KB
Count Your Breath
893 KB
Mindful Activities: to connect with each other and with life more fully
To connect with each other and with life more fully
Cuddle Breathing
2 mins
Dandelion Breath (guided meditation)
3 mins
Name 3 Things
771 KB
Mindful Eating
876 KB
Tree Breathing
1.15 MB
Downloads: Sticker Chart
118 KB
Downloads: Kind Notes
13.1 KB
Downloads: Mindful Posters
37.3 KB


How old does my child need to be?

Each child is different, but I would suggest anywhere from 3 upwards. Older children will be able to focus for longer, but there is benefit in starting young, while a child's brain is developing.
The sweet spot is probably from 5-10, but older or younger are definitely able to partake and benefit.

Does this require any prior experience or knowledge

None at all

Is the course affiliated to any religion


How long will it take to complete

You could probably complete it over a day or two (in short bursts), but spreading it over time could help it to soak in. You can keep returning to the course as often as you like.

Is it difficult?

No, the course is easy and fun.

Do we need any tools or supplies

No, only yourselves and an eagerness to learn.