The main reasons we don’t create (don't believe everything that you think)

  1. Art materials are so expensive
    Yes they are, particularly the really good ones. So start with the not-so-good ones. Buy a few pots of test paint from the hardware store (I know a lot of artists that use house paint for their ‘serious’ art). Watch out for sales on canvases, or paint on un-stretched canvas (if it turns out amazingly, you can get it stretched afterwards). You can buy packs of discount paint brushes at the art shop (I still use these). If you want to paint bigger, house painting brushes are great too. If you splash out on a big canvas and you don’t like the result, paint over it, it wont go to waste. Find cheaper surfaces if you can. One of my go-to’s is packs of framing-matt off cuts from my framers. They’re super cheap, and usually a dream to paint on. When you feel a bit more confident that you want to commit to painting, buy one of two colours of better paint, and mix them with your house paint for stronger, more vibrant colours.

  2. I’m not talented enough
    Every single artist believes this, at least for a while. The only way you will find out whether it’s true or not is to take the journey and see how you go. Talent grows with practise.

  3. I don’t have an art degree
    You don’t need one. You don’t need any qualifications or permission to create. It’s your birth-right as a human being to make art. A fancy piece of paper makes no difference, particularly in this day in age. The thing with art is, if you get it wrong, no one will die,  no buildings will collapse (so please don’t apply this logic to being a surgeon or an engineer).

  4. My art will never be as good as those 'real' artists
    Firstly, it doesn’t have to be. Second, it might be. Third, there is no rating system for artists. Different people appreciate different art - it’s all in the eye of the beholder. Some of my least favourite paintings have sold the quickest - your own judgement of your level of art is very unreliable. Best to keep painting if that’s what makes your heart sing.

  5. I can’t justify painting when there are important things to be done
    Painting is your soul’s work. It’s a way of speaking to a part of yourself that will otherwise never be heard. Take time to do what makes your heart light up. The dishes can wait, your child can entertain themselves for just a tiny bit. Art means something, don't ignore your desire to create.

  6. I just don’t have the time
    Find small pockets. My pockets were after dinner in the evenings. Some people wake up an hour early. Find a half an hour, or even 15 minutes, and see where it goes. Put your phone down and pick up your paint brush. You may feel too tired to do it, but it’s just like going to the gym (or so I’ve heard), once you get started, it energises you and motivates you to continue.

  7. I don’t know where to start
    Well, this workshop will help with that!

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